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The sad thing is that this is probably funnier than anything the real NC's released in the last five years or so. All that was missing was liberal guilt and selective empathy and it would have been a moreorless perfect representation of his increasingly forced intro.

pacnb responds:

Ha, thanks man.

In planet Sarkeesian, simply being born male and not spending the rest of your life apologising for it is considered a death threat because of mythical male violence. Luckily the majority of gamers, male and female, have long dismissed her banal decades-outdated nonsense. It's only the self-loathing media scum - the same who'll say a game is good if it meets enough social quotas and has a 'dark' story regardless of whether it makes sense or not (eg. Heavy Rain) - that haven't seen through her yet. They're a tiny section of the gaming community who haven't been relevant to the main culture for many years now, as proven with their laughably incorrect and intellectually dishonest coverage of the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy.

Anyway, animation is decent and humour is fine, but it's all a bit pointless now because she means nothing and has no inertia left.

Better late to the party than never. Most people have seen through her childish bullshit for years now, it's only the self-loathing liberals and women who have sadly been either too damaged or too misled by other whackjobs that still think she has any valid points. Those who think being offended by anything and everything, all while making far more offensive and bigoted statements than any of the things they're complaining about, have fragmented society and kept people separate for years now. Sarkeesian is just another in a long line of professional victims who, ironically, are only given the time of day BECAUSE of their self-imposed disadvantage rather than because of it. The sooner her idiocy disappears from public consciousness, the better.

Rant over, animation is decent and funny.

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Well-made, humorous game. Shame there's no self-destruct option, though.

Really good modern-day revision of Simon Says.

I love these games, but I think any new ones could benefit from being in a new level, or having a level select option. And yes, I do realise they're intentionally stupid and monotonous, but you've made additions with each game so it would be funny to see you lampoon some other classic Sonic levels like Chemical Plant Zone etc.

Darren responds:

The next one will either have new levels, or be completely different from the ground up.

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Annoyingly catchy.

Been playing too many fortunacus games, this is in almost every one of them.


Well done, mate.

DJ-Keen responds:


Fuck awful bile.


Currently on indefinite hiatus from animation due to lack of motivation, and simply having no time available to animate due to work and social life. Thanks for your support over the years and I hope that you will continue to enjoy my projects.

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