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Well-made, humorous game. Shame there's no self-destruct option, though.

Really good modern-day revision of Simon Says.

I love these games, but I think any new ones could benefit from being in a new level, or having a level select option. And yes, I do realise they're intentionally stupid and monotonous, but you've made additions with each game so it would be funny to see you lampoon some other classic Sonic levels like Chemical Plant Zone etc.

Darren responds:

The next one will either have new levels, or be completely different from the ground up.

Playable, but annoying. The controls are a little too floaty and sometimes the stage would just end and restart even though I hadn't fallen off a platform. I also don't really get the costume, Farage may have ties to the banking sector but I don't see why that should define him especially considering how much the mainstream parties have had their snouts in the trough since the days of Callahan or even earlier. Though it is funny to see someone who usually wears a suit just jumping around in a yellow sweater.

Not a bad effort I guess and it would be nice to see you lampoon some other British politicians, how about a Diane Abbott or Harriet Harman game where you have to "fight for equality" by creating the most unequal prejudiced laws imaginable, or a Three Stooges game between Shameron, Milibland and Cliegg. Couldn't be any worse than the NES Three Stooges game.

Started out funny, then got boring incredibly fast.

Tedious. Low production values, not even any low-level background music. No indication as to when the game ends. No indication of when and where the medals can be unlocked. No consistency or continuity in the difficulty. Just a poorly-tailored game.

saathvikputhran responds:

you suck!

Considering it's just a Spot the Difference game, I was impressed by how fresh you managed to make it with the different control layouts and so forth.

Quite good.

Creative concept, decent gameplay and presentation and the medals provide replay value. Surprised it's had so little exposure so far.


I can't see why this won any awards, it's not bad by any means but it's just a short animation followed by a looping 'game' which is fun to play for a few seconds but has no variation or replay value. Why has this done so well? I've seen far, far better than this languishing in the 2.9 range.


Your games are pretty repetitive and samey, but they're challenging and generous with the medals, so they're worth playing. This was the best one I've played so far, I like the puzzle aspect of trying to work out which blocks to remove in what order.

Currently on indefinite hiatus from animation due to lack of motivation, and simply having no time available to animate due to work and social life. Thanks for your support over the years and I hope that you will continue to enjoy my projects.

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