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The sad thing is that this is probably funnier than anything the real NC's released in the last five years or so. All that was missing was liberal guilt and selective empathy and it would have been a moreorless perfect representation of his increasingly forced intro.

pacnb responds:

Ha, thanks man.

In planet Sarkeesian, simply being born male and not spending the rest of your life apologising for it is considered a death threat because of mythical male violence. Luckily the majority of gamers, male and female, have long dismissed her banal decades-outdated nonsense. It's only the self-loathing media scum - the same who'll say a game is good if it meets enough social quotas and has a 'dark' story regardless of whether it makes sense or not (eg. Heavy Rain) - that haven't seen through her yet. They're a tiny section of the gaming community who haven't been relevant to the main culture for many years now, as proven with their laughably incorrect and intellectually dishonest coverage of the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy.

Anyway, animation is decent and humour is fine, but it's all a bit pointless now because she means nothing and has no inertia left.

Better late to the party than never. Most people have seen through her childish bullshit for years now, it's only the self-loathing liberals and women who have sadly been either too damaged or too misled by other whackjobs that still think she has any valid points. Those who think being offended by anything and everything, all while making far more offensive and bigoted statements than any of the things they're complaining about, have fragmented society and kept people separate for years now. Sarkeesian is just another in a long line of professional victims who, ironically, are only given the time of day BECAUSE of their self-imposed disadvantage rather than because of it. The sooner her idiocy disappears from public consciousness, the better.

Rant over, animation is decent and funny.


Pretty basic but not bad for a rookie. The title's not very creative, though. Keep going and you'll get there.

ProfMonkey responds:


No satirical value, poorly animated and doesn't have even the most basic understanding of UKIP's actual policies, instead simply playing up to media myths. Considering this was apparently an attempt to ease people into British politics, the only way it achieved this was to demonstrate the intellectual dishonesty of the far-left. (By the way, I voted for the Greens. Doesn't mean I can't tell when people are using straw man arguments to try and stifle discussion. The Greens also want an EU referendum so presumably that means they're a 'racist' party as well according to the self-loathing liberals.)

If it had been funny, or deliberately mocking the left as well as the right, then it might have worked. But it's neither.

ottermaniac responds:

It's poorly animated deliberately which should have made it clearer it was a parody. I wasn't trying to represent UKIP or their policies, I was trying to parody them. It's a parody. Do you know what a parody is?

There's several accounts of the party being racist and homophobic, mainly on social media profiles that can be viewed without using a news source. The part about easing you into politics was of course a joke, this animation offers nothing educational as should have been evident by the animation itself, I'm sorry you didn't get that bit.

And finally, I posted this to make people laugh. It got 200 shares on my Facebook page so I thought I'd share it on here to make a few more people smile, but you're clearly too deep into your politics to remember you have a sense of humor somewhere.

Eh. It was ok but a bit forced. I did laugh when Robb was standing there patiently waiting for Walder to finish talking then was shot too early, but apart from that it was just meh. Decent animation, though.

"Let him go, or I will cut- throat."


Quick note - the title really needs a commar after 'people'. "Zombies Are People Too" sounds like there should be an adjective at the end, e.g. "Zombies Are People Too Rotten". It's a minor point but one worth bearing in mind. The cartoon's fine, though.

grilla559 responds:

Thanks, I'll take that into consideration.

Good stuff. I'm not joking when I say that this is legitimately more satisfying than the current ending, and I'd be far happier with Shepard getting his chopper bitten off by a bear in a Quarian suit than the offensive 'reveal' of Tali's face in the picture frame. The only reason this gets only four stars is because of the lack of Marauder Shields.

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